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On the Issues

Community Focused. People First.

Keeping Taxes Low:

My priority continues to make sure we are keeping taxes low and spending taxpayer money in ways that directly benefit the great people of our state. I promise to keep supporting balanced budgets, efficient use of funds to benefit our communities, and continue to do everything possible to reduce taxes wherever we can.

High Paying Jobs:

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Safe Communities:

Having kids of my own, I know the feeling of always wanting to not have to worry about the safety of my children as they grow up in our community. I hope that we can continue to keep crime off our streets and make sure that our law enforcement has the training and tools they need to effectively protect and serve our loved ones daily.

Families First Always:

Our families and children deserve our upmost priority. Supporting the unborn and children does not stop at the delivery room. We need to set up our kids up for success through at-risk prevention resources, quality education that develops their minds, and empowering adoption to make sure every child has the chance to have a caring home.

Supporting Troops:

Those who have sacrificed for our freedom and the families who support their service deserve a state that does not forget about them when they put the uniform away. I’ve been honored to be a proven voice for our veteran, and vow to continue to support them as long as they need. Resources for troops and their families will always be on the top of my list as we push forward in our fight for freedom.

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