Ensuring Efficient Government

 As a business owner I’m not able to spend money I don’t have, and our state shouldn’t be allowed to either. I’ve always worked to enhance efficiency in our state government, and make sure we are always balancing our budget in South Dakota

Lowering Housing COsts

Prioritizing quality housing while lowering costs was a great solutions for our state I worked in the forefront of SB53, which provided those solutions, and I was proud to receive the 2022 Habitat for Humanity “Build Women” award for my efforts. 

an “Open for Business” focus

 Government should never be in the way of businesses bringing innovative, high paying jobs to our state. I’ve supported legislation to prevent overregulation, high taxes, and anything from preventing “the next big thing” from coming into our state.

Solutions for families

The legislative accomplishments that I’ve been able to provide for South Dakota has been paramount for serving our children and protecting our families. I sponsored legislation to enhance our state’s adoption at no additional state cost, and supported legislation to protect spouses and families from cycles of domestic abuse. 

Supporting Our Troops:

When the chance to bring the B-21 Hangar to South Dakota came up, I quickly jumped at the opportunity at this investment in our service members. Bringing legislation to deliver this monumental enhancement for Ellsworth air force base is an excellent reflection of our gratitude for their commitment and sacrifice in the fight for freedom.